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Foundational: Positive Intelligence™


Sales is challenging for any business whether self-employed or not . And no matter all the mantras, self-help books, or trainings, fear lurks waiting for the "no", the internal criticism, shame and stress.  Positive Intelligence™ is foundational for Sage Selling. This intensive 8 - week groundbreaking neuroscience technology is based on Mental Fitness. It moves you from being a victim of your fears/ saboteurs to consciously tapping into your Sage mentality. This is about habitual, sustainable change. The workshop includes an interactive App, weekly team accountability meetings, coaching, international peer support and more. It's centered around the PQ App's guided approach. This inspiring and energizing work gets into your "bones". It's not a quick fix, it's a lifelong practice. 

After completing the program I offer continued support through my "Grow" Program as a way of keeping your practice vibrant.

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Positive Intelligence™ – Quieting the Saboteurs/meeting the Sage

A world where women unapologetically step into their power!


Sage selling is an ongoing journey. Positive Intelligence™ is the baseline for this program. We delve into the Sage (the activated, positive part of our brains) and discover depths and wisdom easily accessed. Where historically the Sage was a whisper, now it's your voice. The result? Women entrepreneurs who are leveling up, owning what they want, and becoming who they’ve always wanted to be.  So they can bring their gifts to the world. The program includes Sage Synergy peer focus, passion statement and next step strategy.

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Sage Selling™ - A radical new approach to sales

These are the three pillars of my Sales Mental Fitness, 

Coaching Program: SAGE SELLING

It's time for something new

Whether it's my Positive Intelligence™ training, my Signature " Sage Selling™ " program, one-to-one coaching or  pop-up workshop

I believe that curiosity, a bit of play, and a big dose of neuroscience

makes all the difference!

What are you waiting for? 

Sandy’s approach to coaching is truly unique and far exceeded my expectations. The clarity to understand what motivates me or what gets in the way when I feel stuck, has been transformational. 

I HIGHLY recommend her, especially if you are ready to grow and expand your business and life!

Dr. Kendall Sweeney

Sweeney Family Chiropractic


One-to-one coaching offers a f you have a specific situation or just need to sparadically check in. I have packages and options to meet your needs. Contact me for a 20 minute complimentary session to see if we're a good match.

A deeper practice and exploration into the neural pathways - Sage brain -  created during your 8 week intensive. 


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One-on-One Coaching

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