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Does this sound like you?

  • You're a woman (or exceptional man) who, in the Second half of your lifis contemplating what you want to do with your precious time. This is YOUR TIME. 

  • You wonder who you are without the job, marital,  or parent title? These are issues of identity at this age. Do you still value the same things? How have your priorities/ values changed?

  • Do you want to start a new business or change where you want to live and work? Do you want to stop working? What would that look like?  How does age play into this?

  • Is age an issue? Is leaving a legacy important?  Are you tired of the Imposter Syndrome holding you back?Do you miss that special magic, your special "elixir" that lights you up? Have you forgotten what that feels like?

If any of this resonates, click here for a complimentary coaching session. 
We have so much to talk about!

Stay tuned for more information...This site is in the midst of a transitional phase!

Aren't we all? 

Sandy Watchie Stamato
Flower with dew on it

What is calling you? Consultation

This complimentary,  30-minute coaching call,  is a  3-step formula to help you identify your internal beacon. Is something getting in the way of your precious Limb Dweller spirit? Leave this session

 with a renewed sense of commitment, passion and possibility.

Elephant and cat sitting on a branch, contemplating sunshine

1-1 Coaching

Our sessions are all about YOU. I sit on the limb with you and help you scoot over if you're feeling stuck or want to jump up onto the next branch, but fear is holding you back.  We make a plan, and you go for it! It's very specific and designed for sustainable change.

Diverse groupd of women's hands coming together for a workshop

Workshops and Programs

You will experience personal/business growth through small, customized, safe and supportive groups. Working in a community of like-minded women (fellow Limb Dwellers), you’re given the tools, awareness and a plan to move towards your vision.

Micorphone on gradien background for speaking events

Book A Speaking Event

I've been speaking to groups for over 30 years on topics such as gratitude, vision, purpose and how this impacts your business and your life.  My specialty includes addressing issues entrepreneurial women, 45 and wiser, are faced with in the business world. 

All The Ways We Can Work Together

Sandy’s approach to coaching is truly unique and far exceeded my expectations. The clarity to understand what motivates me or what gets in the way when I feel stuck, has been transformational. I HIGHLY recommend her, especially if you are ready to grow and expand your business and life!

Dr Kendall Sweeney

Sweeney Family Chiropractic

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