The Simplified Path is Now:

How did you score? Check it out below!  

 Your Limb, Your Results

I interviewed my Limb Dweller community and asked how they describe themselves as LDs.


This is very scientific. No expense was spared. Ok, maybe not but it is based on my experience working with hundreds of salespeople, entrepreneurs, and professional businesswomen over the years.

0%: Congrats! Chances are you’re a Trunk Dweller. THANK YOU! We need each other to make the world work. It’s a symbiotic relationship between the trunk and the limb. And even though sometimes we drive each other nuts, we (and the world!) work better when we fully appreciate each other’s gifts!

​1% -30%: You have Limb Dweller tendencies. It may be time to evaluate and see if you’ve lost sight of “the view” from your limb!

30% -70-%: No doubt about it (according to this VERY scientific assessment!) you’re a Limb Dweller. If you work for someone else, you just need to find the right fit where your "LD" style is appreciated!

70% - 100%: You stopped tallying the totals halfway through the quiz and moved onto the next step. You don’t need “no stinking” quiz to tell you what’s so obvious. PLEASE!  

What's next for you, Mz Limb Dweller?

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