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  • Sandy Watchie Stamato

How the "S" word is a biz, buzz kill!

This 1.4 minute read can shake up your brain, business and life!

The word “SHOULD”...

Limb Dwellers, in particular, don’t do well with “shoulds”.

It’s judgy and can be a real buzz kill for your biz and yourselves. I mean seriously, who feels great after they finish a sentence that starts with “I know I should…”

The non-stop mantra of "Should-ing" makes us all miserable.


Your Limb, Your View

Todays's Tip:

The next time you say "SHOULD", chances are there's an unspoken rule behind it.

For example, "I should be marketing more!" Or “I should raise my pricesAsk yourself? Who says so? What's the hidden rule that you're basing this on? What do YOU want your rule to be? Then get back on that limb and move on.

When I work with clients and they start questioning their “shoulds”, it opens up a whole area of choice. They start choosing their own rules. It’s a game changer.

Extra Credit:

Try it for a day. When a “should” pops up, get curious about it and see if it’s time to shop for a new rule : ) If you feel like sharing your SHOULD, you SHOULD share it with me! LOL.

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