Transitional Coaching for Women

When you're ready to take action but keep getting stuck


Try Partnering with your Inner Critic

  • Here's the game changer. If you only listen to the loudest voices - the saboteurs - you will miss out on the quieter, wiser voices. Partnering with your inner critic is how you begin to STOP THE MADNESS

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  • It can be crazy making.  But, you are not crazy.  It's normal and human. We all have different parts of our personalities that have opinions. It's almost like a rowdy board of directors. 

  • Inner Critic Fatigue? It's a thing, and it can be brutal.   

  • Whether you are a boss, solo-preneur or salesperson trying to make your quota, that inner critic, and its fellow saboteurs can really play havoc with your success and plans. 

Freedom, alignment, ease, and possibilities 

Is your Inner Critic giving you grief?


Here is my three-pillar program based on POSITIVE INTELLIGENCE 

Confidence   Core    Calling

 designed to move you from confusion and frustration to clarity and ease.

This is YOUR moment. 

Gain confidence and own your power. You deserve it!

Whenever I'm in a transition, I head for Sandy. She gets straight to the heart of conundrums so I get clarity on what, why and how to make meaningful shifts in thinking as well as actions. Sandy's great at guiding me around the barriers I've constructed in my mind so I'm free to do that new thing. Her insights and the tools she puts in my hands always lead to the change I wanted to make.

Beth Wooley

Bdub Relations -Brand Strategy


Tired of being bullied? 

Are you ready for a change?


Experience newfound freedom by partnering with your inner critic and settle the chatter in your brain


Once your brain is in agreement, your vision, hearts desire has the freedom to reveal itself.


Imagine ease, alignment, and a plan for what’s next for you.