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Freedom, alignment, ease, and possibilities 

Sage Selling

A powerful, inspiring program changing the world of sales,

one woman at a time.


Three-Pillar Sage Selling Program


Whenever I'm in a transition, I head for Sandy. She gets straight to the heart of conundrums so I get clarity on what, why and how to make meaningful shifts in thinking as well as actions. Sandy's great at guiding me around the barriers I've constructed in my mind so I'm free to do that new thing. Her insights and the tools she puts in my hands always lead to the change I wanted to make.

Beth Wooley

Bdub Relations -Brand Strategy

Sandy Stamato, Sales Mental Fitness Coach

Bring your gifts to the world with confidence 

  • Imagine the freedom you'd feel if you could intercept - in the moment- the lies your inner critic whispers about IMPOSTER SYNDROME, lack, incompetency, etc

  • Feel confident, calm, and fully present without any weirdness about "selling" the gifts you want to share with the world.


  • Envision simply asking for what you deserve because you KNOW your value.​​

  • .Positive Intelligence™ provides world-renowned research-based tools that teach, embed, and sustain your ability to access your Inner Sage, the positive, powerful part of your brain that knows just how and where you want to go.

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*Positive Intelligence ™  (PQ) is a synthesis of neuroscience, cognitive, and positive psychology applied to your sales approach and other stressful business and personal situations.

Discover a Radical New Approach to Sales

The foundation of Sage Selling is Positive Intelligence™, the mental fitness that empowers us to tap into the positive regions of our brain (our SAGE). SAGE houses generosity, creativity, innovation, empathy and so much more!

This approach to sales (and life!) is designed around presence, service and abundance - allowing potential clients the opportunity to say - yes!

One to One 


If you have a specific situation or just need to sparadically check in. I have packages and options to meet your needs. Contact me for a 20 minute complimentary session to see if we're a good match.

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Positive Intelligence™

8 - week program  


Positive Intelligence™ is all about Mental Fitness. This 8-week program featuring the latest groundbreaking neurological technology not only changes your mindset about literally changes your mind.

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Featuring SAGE SELLING™  Progam

Sage Selling™  is based on the power of Positive Intelligence™ which activates the SAGE region of our brains. The Sage Mindset has no room for “slimy or pushy” salesperson beliefs; SAGE selling is all about bringing your gifts to the world with confidence, ease, and abundance.

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