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Are you a Limb Dweller?


If this video spoke to you, please know that you are not alone.

It is easy to judge ourselves when compared to others who operate in more traditional work and personal lifestyles. We just don't roll like other folks. We are smart, talented humans who simply have a different way of thinking and creating.  As a professional, it can get a little tricky. But I have some ideas for you...

My life was forever changed when I found out, at age 28, that there wasn't anything wrong with me; I was simply a "limb dweller." 


Enjoy this animated video and, if you are questioning whether you're a limb dweller too, feel free to book a complimentary session with me. 

Are you a Limb Dweller?

I absolutely love the concept of limb dwelling and it’s completely blown my mind and taken away the stigma around myself and what I want to do professionally! Thank you Sandy!

- Tiana Walker- host of High Frequency Females

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