Transitional Coaching for Professional Women

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Are YOU a Limb Dweller Quiz?


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And, as always, I offer a complimentary follow-up session to debrief and talk about whether you're honoring your Limb Dweller or Trunk Dweller spirit?  

NOTE: I will be hosting a monthly zoom gathering for limb dwellers as it can be a bit lonely sitting on that limb. Stay tuned for details! 

My life was forever changed when I found out, at age 28, that there wasn't anything wrong with me; I was simply a "limb dweller." 


Enjoy this animated video and, if you are questioning whether you're a limb dweller too, scroll down and check out "Am I a limb dweller?" Quiz below.


What is a Limb Dweller?

I absolutely love the concept of limb dwelling and it’s completely blown my mind and taken away the stigma around myself and what I want to do professionally! Thank you Sandy!

- Tiana Walker- host of High Frequency Females