The Simplified Path is Now:

If you want to learn about Limb Dwellers, this video explains it all.


"What is calling you? 

A 3-step formula to identify your beacon"


Limb Dwellers come in all shapes and sizes. Do you have your own business, work for someone else, are currently retired, or looking for your next gig? 


Whatever space you're in – this gift is designed to support your path.


During this 30-minute exploration session, you and Sandy will uncover the hidden challenges that may be sabotaging:


1.  Your amazing work  


2.  Your passion and creativity  


3.  Your precious Limb Dweller Spirit

Leave this special session:

  • Renewed with a sense of commitment to yourself and your passion

  • Re-energized to step forward with a new sense of freedom

  • Inspired to create and expand into new directions and possibilities

This special offer is for YOU! From one Limb Dweller to another, I can hardly wait to meet you!

Complimentary Session: