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Limb Dweller Coaching | Sandy Stamato, is a Sales Mental Fitness Coach who helps female entrepreneurs transform their mindset around sales so they can bring their gifts to the world. The secret sauce? Positive Intelligence™ It’s a game changer. It’s a Radical Approach To Sales.

Discover How Your Success is Being Hijacked! 

Picture this:

You're face-to-face with your dream client or a golden opportunity that could skyrocket your biz and out of nowhere, your confidence vanishes.

Cue the inner saboteurs, acting like a bunch of backseat drivers, filling your head with negativity.

And what happens? You miss that golden chance.

Your just got sabotaged.

Imagine this:

The exact scenario, those pesky backseat drivers yapping away, BUT this time - right in the moment – you mentally nab them and say, “Pipe down. I’m the one in the driver’s seat." 

Boom! Confidence reclaimed. Now you’re all in for that golden opportunity.

Magic? Nah…it’s just science.

It’s all about rewiring your brain. 

Welcome to SAGE selling featuring Positive Intelligence™

Take this Complimentary Quiz and find out what saboteurs have been sabotaging your success!

Freedom, alignment, ease, and possibilities 

Sage Selling

A powerful, inspiring program changing your relationship with sales by rewiring your brain.

Limb Dweller Coaching - Invite or connect with woman who don’t feel confident or realize how amazing they are.

Sandy Stamato, Sales Mental Fitness Coach

Discover Sage Selling: It all starts with Positive Intelligence™

  • Are you tired of the endless loop of internal critical chatter when marketing your business? It's time to explore Sage Selling, a revolutionary approach to sales based on Positive Intelligence™.

  • At Sage Selling, we get it: Mental fitness unlocks the upbeat zones of your brain, like curiosity and innovation. Our way busts you out of the negativity and self-sabotage trap that cramps your style in business, sales and life!


  • Elevate your presence, confidence and abundance. Our method delivers unmistakable outcomes, boosting your sales and fortifying client bonds.

  • Don't settle for mediocrity in your business around sales (and we're ALL in sales). Discover the power of Sage Selling and unlock your full potential with Positive Intelligence™. Bring your gifts to the world with ease. 

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*Positive Intelligence ™  (PQ) synthesizes neuroscience, cognitive, behavioral and positive psychology applied to your sales approach and other stressful business and personal situations.


Coaching and Sage Selling Program


One to One 

Coaching - packages and more  

If you have a specific situation, want to augment your PQ training or just need to check in. I have packages and options to meet your needs. Contact me for a 20-minute complimentary session to see if we're a good match.

Schedule with Sandy

Positive Intelligence™

Foundational Program


Positive Intelligence™ is all about Mental Fitness. This 8-week program featuring the latest groundbreaking neurological technology not only changes your mindset about literally changes your mind.

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Featuring SAGE SELLING™  Progam

Sage Selling™  is based on the power of Positive Intelligence™ which activates the SAGE region of our brains. The Sage Mindset has no room for “slimy or pushy” salesperson beliefs; SAGE selling is all about bringing your gifts to the world with confidence, ease, and abundance.

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I just love this work (Positive Intelligence) it never ceases to amaze me how l am looking at the world in a different way and feel so much calmer.

I still get into the saboteurs then l can slowly step away and not go down that spiral of self-condemnation.

Tina Tesch-Myers

Nutritionalist and Hydration Specialist

Discover How Your Success is Being Hijacked! 

Think of saboteurs as the inner critics in your mind, lurking in the shadows, ready to cast a dark cloud over your everyday challenges. They're the well-worn grooves in your thinking patterns, dictating your emotions and reactions. These saboteurs are the architects of your stress, the roots of your self-doubt, the source of your irritation, the disruptors of your peace, and the culprits behind your unhappiness. They're the silent puppeteers, affecting your performance, influencing your emotional well-being, and shaping your interactions with others. And they are universal.

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