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Feeling vulnerable?

​​Questioning '"what's next for me"?

Feeling like a square peg in a round hole and you're tired of being out of alignment with yourself? 

Are you...

Want to experience a regretless “second act?”

Looking to live out a vibrant legacy? 

Feeling unsettled or wondering what a new identity without work looks like? Wondering if you have the confidence to do it.?

Transitional Coaching for women 50 and beyond

particularly if you've been hanging out on a limb


What is a limb dweller?





My approach leads you to create a new life script meant just for you, the authentic you.

At a certain point, there are no do-overs.

Live the life you want now.

Freedom, Alignment, Ease, and Possibilities.

Whenever I'm in a transition, I head for Sandy. She gets straight to the heart of conundrums so I get clarity on what, why and how to make meaningful shifts in thinking as well as actions. Sandy's great at guiding me around the barriers I've constructed in my mind so I'm free to do that new thing. Her insights and the tools she puts in my hands always lead to the change I wanted to make.

Beth Wooley

Bdub Relations -Brand Strategy

Did You Answer ‘Yes’ to any of these?

It means you are ready for the awesome, bold opportunities for this next exciting phase of your life.



Experience newfound freedom by partnering with your inner critic,


Clarify who you are TODAY as you look towards this next chapter in your life.


Imagine ease, alignment, and a plan for what’s next for you.

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