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Sandy’s approach to coaching is truly unique and far exceeded my expectations. The clarity to understand what motivates me or what gets in the way when I feel stuck, has been transformational. I HIGHLY recommend her, especially if you are ready to grow and expand your business and life!

Dr Kendall Sweeney

Sweeney Family Chiropractic

Are you?

Self-employed, reluctantly employed or semi-retired woman and find yourself:​

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Feeling vulnerable?

Questioning '"what's next for me"?

Feeling unsettled or wondering what a new identity without work looks like?



Aiming for a new goal or passion but need guidance to start?

Looking to live out a vibrant legacy?

Want to experience a regretless “second act?”

Many women I work with are often repressing the little voice that is longing/craving​ ​for so much more.

When they feel like they don't fit into a predetermined "box" or "definition," they begin to doubt themselves. 

Falling in this category could mean you are a Limb Dweller (it’s a beautiful thing!​​)​ ​Why? Your possibilities are endless! 


Watch this quick animated video for the full Limb Dweller definition! 


If you're curious if YOU are a limb dweller, ​like I am, ​take this quiz and find out!

It could change your whole perspective.


When you follow your calling, you find an authentic path to a future you love, out on your favorite limb.

If you ignore your calling, you deny your entire spirit.

How My Coaching Supports Your Transition Process

Together we walk through this precious, dynamic phase using this 3-step approach to create a new life script meant just for you, the authentic you.

It's all about: Confidence/Clarity /Calling

Did You Answer ‘Yes’ to any of these?

It means you are ready for the awesome, bold opportunities for this next exciting phase of your life.


Let's talk


Who are you TODAY?  And who do you want to be, moving forward? 


How to move forward when everything piece of you wants to say NO.


That thing you've been yearning for? Now you have the freedom and strategy to go for it.

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