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  • Sandy Watchie Stamato

Hey loves, have you listened to yourself lately??

Whatever follows “I AM” will come looking for you…

I was listening to an Oprah podcast, “Super Soul Conversations” (hey, any ‘haters” out there, she gets some kick-ass guests on her show!)

The podcast featured Joel Osteen, a TV pastor who has about 10 million listeners worldwide. Not usually my thing, no judgment, just TV evangelists typically aren’t my jam. BUT, I was intrigued by the name of the episode.

Whatever follows “I AM” will come looking for you…


His message? If you want to know what you’re gonna be like in 5 years, listen to what you’re saying about yourself today.


My lovely limb dwellers – have you listened to yourself lately?

Here’s my story – I had just finished a quaint internal interrogation with me, myself and I about my post COVID physique. Oh yeah, super uplifting (NOT).

I’m pretty sure I was having the same convo with myself 5 years ago. Do I REALLY want this same conversation in 2026?


I know a bit about neuroplasticity and how our brains will believe anything we tell it. So, why not tell it something uplifting!

Me? I’m going for the BIG guns. My new mantra: I AM beautiful.

I’m saying “I AM beautiful” as I brush my teeth, look in the mirror, etc.

I’m tired of my sneaky self-talk that whispers this stuff in my ear when I’m not paying attention. I want a new experience. Join me?

Here’s an awesome challenge

Change a “I am” ….(fat, a fraud, lazy, destined to struggle, etc.,) with something you’d like to believe 5 years from today for 30 days.

On day 31, see how you feel.

Let me know! I’d love to hear.


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