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  • Sandy Watchie Stamato

Try googling “Why do I hate sales”?

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Wow. Pages upon pages of google results.

So how did I change from “I hate sales” to being so successful at sales that I was promoted to Sales Trainer for a Fortune 500 company and trained sales reps around the world? How did THAT happen?

Let's start with the basics. Today, I own my business.

I AM the business. I’m not selling someone else’s widget or service; I’m selling my heart and soul. I love what I do and what I’m selling!

THIS was not how I originally felt about sales.

Oh no. My parents were both professional salespeople. My dad loved selling insurance and my mom was a rock star real estate agent. They were great at

Nope, my reaction had to do with an ugly sales experience when I was 11 and got suckered into signing up for a monthly service. Who lies to an eleven year old on the telephone and tells them not to worry about payment, that it was a promotional event?

When a collection agency contacted my mom about my non payment (AGAIN, 11?!!) - in that moment I knew, I would NEVER be like him.

Obviously, I did not choose a career requiring me to sell something to someone.

I spent my early years working in TV. I loved it, but the industry and technology changed and I was out of a job. Even though I had no income, the rent had to be paid.

I got the first sales job I applied for. What did I sell? Brick sized cell phones - with cords!

Then I graduated to selling recycled cartridges for laser printers and the list goes on.

I paid for my own sales training but every time I tried to envision selling, I saw the face of that awful salesman.

Then, magic happened! I was blessed and got hired for an amazing sales job.

I loved the company, the product and their philosophy. They had an impeccable reputation and offered world class sales training.

By the end of their excellent mandatory sales training, my view shifted.

I was not going to be a pushy, annoying, trickster salesperson. I was now a proud consultant - a “consultative sales person”.

(“Consultative selling” may be an antiquated sales term now but the concept? Priceless.)

That shift changed my life. I’m sure you’ve heard it before but this bears repeating;

If you own a business and you hate sales, you are ripping yourself, your potential clients and YOUR business off.

Take another peak above at the hottie with the brink cell phone to his ear. Glancing at my iphone now, I'm amazed that the "brick" was cutting edge at the time.

Cell phones changed - they adapted to the market. SO CAN YOU.

So let’s remedy this flawed view of sales together. A lot of my materials will be on Social Media as I do a deep dive into the lies we tell ourselves about selling. Feel free to follow me!

You’ll find interesting articles, thought provoking exercises and truly helpful tips. If this is the time for you and your biz to do a turnaround, I’m here with you!

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