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  • Sandy Watchie Stamato

Embrace Your Full Monty

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Showing up full-on with no artifice, shield or performance is beyond courageous. At times, it almost feels almost dangerous!

Hey, there was a time when women were burned at the stake for sharing their "intuitive" thoughts.

How do I know about courage?

The minute I rebranded and changed my name to "Limb Dweller," – game on! I had internally owned my "limb dwellerness" since age 28, but that didn't mean I wanted to flaunt it to the world at large. I was a professional, dammit. I worked with corporations, organizations and businesses and I was sure they wouldn't appreciate my quaint "limb dweller" declaration.

What happened? That drumbeat that echoed within me? It got louder and LOUDER. The pain of drowning out this side of me became more painful than my fear of being laughed at and not taken seriously.

Here's what I want to share.


That's what happened when I put the proverbial stake in the ground and changed my business name, revamped my website and showed up 100%.

I feel alive and vibrant even when I doubt my path and daydream about getting a paycheck every 2 weeks. But then I shake my limb dweller bootie, remember that there's no place to hide and start again.

That, my friends, makes it so worth it all.

If you are struggling with your own incessant drum beat.

You're not alone. Book a complimentary session with me. I get it. We'll talk. You might not need coaching but rather just a confirmation that you're not alone! I'm here for you. The world needs to see and hear more drummers like you.

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