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  • Sandy Watchie Stamato

Did you say Impasta Syndrome?!?

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Ever feel like this piece of pasta?

Like a fraud? Like you're gonna be found out?

So how can a Limb Dweller, who knows they march to the beat of their own drum, feel like a fraud? It's a thought I've been noodling (see what I did there) around with for some time.

I just taught an eight-week course called "Challenge the Imposter Syndrome with your Authenticity Code." Here are the highlighted pieces you need to know.

As limb dwellers, we're always pushing and moving to another branch. It's just who we are.

Uncertainty, challenges = angst/doubt/cacophony of negative self-talk!

At some point, most successful folks have experienced feeling insecure and fearful of being found out as a fraud (and our women of color sisters have a much harder time as they don't have a lot of role models!). Here's what I know from working with others and personal experience.

The best way I've found to combat this often debilitating experience is to drill down to one's CORE VALUES and look at the situation through those lenses.

Core Values? Been there, done that. Right?
Wrong! Hear me out.

Without fail, the folks in my class (and they were very smart and accomplished people even if they didn't think so!) had a vague idea of their values - in their heads - but didn't live those values.

Most of us have taken those CORE VALUES quizzes. I know I've circled a bunch of adjectives, but that's about it. But there's so much more.

I had the pleasure of watching some of my participants transform over an 8-week exploration of their core values – and then made decisions looking through the lenses of those values.

Making value-based decisions is so far removed from the "Impasta syndrome." There's no judge or jury. It's your truth. Period.

Now imagine asking someone for their business, networking with some ease, asking for a promotion, or just negotiating something with your partner BASED on your core values.

It's like night and day. Who is going to argue with your truth? Who cares?!

And, as always, if you'd like a complimentary session to find out more, don't hesitate!

Awesome Resource for Values work: Scott Jeffrey

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