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  • Sandy Watchie Stamato

Age, the final frontier (or is it)?

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Ladies, getting older is THE BEST KEPT SECRET!

Give me a minute to explain.

As a coach, I work with professional woman/business owners 45 – 78. I have talked to this age group from South Africa, Australia, Slovakia, Madrid, Nigeria, NY, Seattle and beyond and have been amazed at the resilience, intelligence and common belief that age is a just number. I’m not bumping gums here and this isn’t just antidotal, there’s a bunch of science that proves it.

But you know who really knew it all along?

MY MOM. My mama loved getting older, weird right?

Growing up, I remember her telling my sisters and I “Girls, 40 is when life really begins!”

Then it was “50 is THE BEST” and...

60? Fergetaboutit! That’s the “magic hour” for women.

I’ll explain “magic hour” in a minute.

The bottom line, my mama loved getting older until her body didn’t get the memo and things changed in her late 70’s. (Even still, she had the best sense of humor! Till the very end) Bless her heart.

So that’s how I was raised. I have friends that cried when they turned 60. Me? Even during the pandemic, my friends rallied and we celebrated like rock stars. And you know what? I still feel that way MOST of the time. I have my moments but I gotta tell ya, liking the wisdom, freedom and baseline happiness that comes with age – priceless.

And “Magic Hour”? Magic hour/Golden hour is a cinematic term that describes that moment in time the sun is low and near the horizon and everything shimmers with a warm, golden light.

That’s how I felt when I turned 60. I’m still glowing and getting stronger.

So bring it! If you resist aging. GIVE IT UP! Practice digging it. And enjoy the ride.


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