Sandy Watchie Stamato, Business Coach and Speaker
Hi, I’m Sandy!

My coaching and various programs offer a haven for Limb Dwellers to find clarity, possibility, hope, and vision.


It's life-changing.

Over 30 years ago, when I started my career path in advertising sales, marketing, training and consulting to business owners and salespeople, words like "vision" or "intention" were considered too "woo woo" for the business world. ​


Not so much. There is a longing to find meaning in the world today. Particularly with all the fear and angst surrounding us sometimes on a seemingly daily basis. It's a perfect time to flourish as a Limb Dweller.

My "secret elixir"?

I combine my intuition with practical business and marketing savvy to move clients through their limiting beliefs and reconnect with themselves and their vision.  The Result - creating, growing, and prospering their business and careers in ways they never imagined.

If you’d like to check out my portfolio of coaching credentials, professional background, and all the nitty-gritty:

Why I Do What I Do

My Hero Story (after all, we all have one)

These days, I literally pinch myself because I so love what I do. I am in total alignment with my clarity, passion, and vision and this has created a business and life that is beyond anything I could imagine.


I had no idea that I could do what I love and make a wonderful living doing so! Pinch me now!


But it hasn't always been this way. I am a Limb Dweller– an outsider who didn't quite fit the corporate, traditional 9-5 mold.

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Sure, I had my own business as a marketing consultant helping small business owners target their audience and figure out how to talk to them. All good stuff. I did the networking, was building my business, yet deep down:


I felt disingenuous.


An imposter.

The truth was, I wasn't showing up as ME.

I kept this talent and desire hidden and ended up feeling exhausted, angry, depressed and filled with tons of self-doubt.

It was incredibly painful.


And the cost was much bigger than just money – it had a profound effect on my business and my personal life. It was so hard getting out of bed in the morning. 


My turning point was a breakthrough that happened one day - it was a Thursday.


I just couldn't stand how depressed I was getting. I made some big changes after I dove into the very work I do now with my clients (learn about my "Fear Pushes/Vision Pulls Workshop"). It changed my life.


I finally owned that I am a Transformational Business Coach. I now have a vision that is so much bigger than my fear.


My business is flourishing. I love it and I've become unstoppable. My greatest joy is partnering with women business owners and watching them do the same.


I can't wait to meet you.

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CPP, ACC ICF credentialed. Positive Psychology Influence, Neuroscience of Gratitude, Voice Dialog Practitioner.

ICF pilot program: UW Bothell, King County Public Health 

"Change your story, change your business" "Selling with Integrity for small business owners", "Gratitude changes your mind and business…literally" "We are bigger than our wounds", "60 and wiser, female business owners…watch out"

"Fear- Pushes, Vision- Pulls- a seriously playful Program for 45 and wiser female biz owners", "60 and wiser business owners- the magic hour in a woman's career".

"I HATE SELLING... how's that working for you?"


I'm all about business planning and strategy. I have a pretty impressive resume of accomplishments in the business world. BUT, here's my secret… I've always been more tuned into what my clients WEREN'T saying, than the old stories they kept repeating. I have an incredible gift for helping people tap into their infinite wisdom, and that's where our brilliance lives. It's what changes everything.

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Sandy is a compassionate, smart, and engaged coach. Her listening and discernment skills help identify what I cannot see on my own. My old 'stories' are transformed into a new personal vision that empowers and motivates me. An amazing coaching experience!

 ~ Karin


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Sandy is truly amazing at what she does! She has a way of asking the right questions to get to what is honestly and really keeping you from achieving the goals you want for yourself and your business. I highly recommend her for anyone feeling like they want to improve their success in their business!    

~ Julie Vanni

Biojunction Physical Therapy

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Sandy Stamato is the real deal. I came to Sandy with a very focused coaching need… She focused the energy so that each session moved things forward, but was also grounded in reflection and discovery. She helped me to slow down, center myself, and begin to convert stress to excitement and optimism. I attribute this to Sandy's skillful, flexible and empathetic coaching. I recommend her unreservedly. 

~ Amy

Corporate Trainer

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