Transitional Coaching for Women

When you're ready to take action but keep getting stuck

Why I do what I do

I was born to help female solopreneurs and salespeople stop the internal madness and lies our inner critics spout out every day!

I have watched, trained, consulted, and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and salespeople. These amazing humans have passion and talent galore.

Yet, in 35 years, no matter how great the marketing consulting, sales training, or coaching was, if the client is unintentionally sabotaging themselves, all efforts eventually fizzle out. It's brutal and heartbreaking to watch.

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Hi, I'm Sandy

My mom used to say that you really don't start living till you turn 60 (Of course she said that about turning 40, 50, and 70!) 

No matter the age,  I think she was onto something.

  • CPC, ACC ICF credentialed

  • Positive Intelligence Training

  • Neuroscience of Gratitude

  • Voice Dialog Practitioner

  • ICF pilot program: UW Bothell, King County Public Health 

  • Challenge the Imposter Syndrome with your Authenticity Code

  • Change your story, Change your business

  • How to partner with you inner critic

  • Gratitude changes your mind and business…literally

  • We are bigger than our wounds

  • 60 and wiser, female business owners…watch out

  • Challenge the Imposter Syndrome with your Authenticity Code

  • Fear- Pushes, Vision- Pulls- a seriously playful Program for 45 and wiser women

  • 60 and wiser - the magic hour in a woman's career and life".

  • "I HATE SELLING"... how's that working for you?


Sandy is a compassionate, smart, and engaged coach. Her listening and discernment skills help identify what I cannot see on my own. My old 'stories' are transformed into a new personal vision that empowers and motivates me. An amazing coaching experience!

 ~ Karin


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Sandy is truly amazing at what she does! She has a way of asking the right questions to get to what is honestly and really keeping you from achieving the goals you want for yourself and your business. I highly recommend her for anyone feeling like they want to improve their success in their business!    

~ Julie Vanni

Biojunction Physical Therapy

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Sandy Stamato is the real deal. I came to Sandy with a very focused coaching need… She focused the energy so that each session moved things forward, but was also grounded in reflection and discovery. She helped me to slow down, center myself, and begin to convert stress to excitement and optimism. I attribute this to Sandy's skillful, flexible and empathetic coaching. I recommend her unreservedly. 

~ Amy

Corporate Trainer

Inner Critic Work

It's heartbreaking because I've had a front-row seat witnessing and talking to my client's inner critics and saboteurs. As a Transitional coach and Voice DIalog Practitioner,  I've also had the privilege and grace to meet their wise, sage inner voices - it's breathtaking.

That's what I do. I help my clients listen less to the lies of the saboteur so they can create a powerful pathway to their own internal wisdom. They get unstuck (quite quickly) and get stuff done

Here's what my client's have to say...

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